It’s been about a year since I started sharing my photos and ramblings. I hope to continue!

The early posts are original photos taken with my iPhone 10. I have since upgraded my phone but still have not grabbed a real camera. My love for nature remains. I hope you find enjoyment in my work.

Deep peace.


  1. Tracy Abell says:

    That’s a beautiful image. All that green and the tall, tall trees looming over the people. Very nice.


    1. Thank you. It was taken almost 2 years ago at a vacation rental for a family member’s wedding. I felt surrounded by my ancestors as the trees, and my son and grandchildren frolicking in the sunset. It was a very special moment.

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      1. Tracy Abell says:

        Oh, that background info makes the photo even more amazing. I love that those trees felt like ancestors. Beautiful.


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