The string

All that you want to say, to speak, to birth. Every expression of every conclusion you’ve come to now grows, and brings life ever changing as clusters of thoughts emanating from your lips, entangled and sewn as jewels on a string.

Sometimes our realizations come as a whole that we can see from any angle and all angles. Complete thoughts have to be dissected into manageable portions that we can communicate or we end up just jumbling our thoughts and our words. These moments are precious and important.

In meditation we find the string that holds the jewels.


  1. Tracy Abell says:

    Ooh, this really resonates with me today. And shout-out to “…entangled and sewn as jewels on a string”!

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    1. 🙂 I feel your pain. It’s like the box you inherited from your aunt that is full of costume jewelry and has been dropped and moved several times before you open it and discover it’s just a bright colored mess.

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