The forest’s exhale

Crunchy steps under spiked boots on mud and ice. Slow drops on branch tips unable to decide if they were liquid or solid. Rain and 37 degrees making wet clothes from the rain and from the sweat. Raw wind as welcome relief from my body overheating, yet the air was fresh. The forest’s exhale was a gift. Despite the unpleasant conditions, the externals, the air brought me to the moment. The perfect moment when my sweaty body was refreshed. The misty raw air, hitting my face was wet and wild and alive, and I was free from that which was unpleasant.

May this year bring you the freedom to be wet and wild and alive and not be pulled out of that beautiful moment by externals.


  1. Tracy Abell says:

    I could feel all you described along with the mist in those trees. Beautiful.


  2. Thank you. Life has been challenging lately. I’m grateful for those moments.


  3. Different type of trees, but otherwise, that’s what it looked like here too a couple of days ago. Now torrential rain, has come again, melting the snow, threatening landsides, and more flooding. There’s no balance. There are other places that really need this rain right now and we need less of it.


    1. Yes I agree. Thanks

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