Hats and hats

I’ve been making hats big, small, different colors and patterns. They’re crocheted around and constructed from the inside out so that I’m making a bowl that just keeps getting bigger. They’re awful but I can’t stop making them. It’s something about the process, the circle round or the fact that it’s a bowl I’m not sure but I keep showing up at family member’s homes announcing that I’ve arrived with another bag full of ill-fitting hats. Maybe it is a way for me to start a new year, a new ring around my life.


  1. Well if it doesn’t fit one’s head maybe it can work as a tea cozy. 🙂 *Tries to mumbles out a famous quote “…the something something is in the journey not the destination….”


    1. LOL Thanks. Cant think of the quote right now but, yes! And I will start another blog tea.cozy.com

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      1. I would subscribe and invite all my British and Candian friends! I’m going to have to ask that you make a few that the Drag Queens would love. =)


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