When the warm winds blow melting ice and snow, removing winter for just a day, all that remains is the reflection of deep blue sky and leaves brown limp and soggy.

Even though it is painful beyond belief, the clarity you receive from a tough conversation is worth it because you have the opportunity to heal and move on.

“The lotus is the seat of great sages and saints, buddhas and bodhisatvas, all those who have refined their consciousness to a state where they can root themselves in life’s muddy soil and use its fertility as compost to blossom the soul.”- Sally Kempton

The string

All that you want to say, to speak, to birth. Every expression of every conclusion you’ve come to now grows, and brings life ever changing as clusters of thoughts emanating from your lips, entangled and sewn as jewels on a string.

Sometimes our realizations come as a whole that we can see from any angle and all angles. Complete thoughts have to be dissected into manageable portions that we can communicate or we end up just jumbling our thoughts and our words. These moments are precious and important.

In meditation we find the string that holds the jewels.

The Invitation

I invite life. When I invite life I choose to begin my journey home. When I invite life I am part of the invitation. LIFE is an invitation. It’s a great big homeopathic remedy for oneness. All I meet. All I experience. All of it is a remedy, an invitation to bring me to balance.

In balance I walk to oneness.

I choose life. Life is not stagnant. When I choose life, I choose to be dynamic. I choose to be ever present. When I choose life, I am not stuck in the past reflecting on some moment or experience. Choosing life I am not in the future, projecting a thought or planning a desired outcome. Outcomes are irrelevant. When I choose life, I choose to live.

I choose life not time.

The Texture of Love

Before I see colors or patterns, my minds eye sees texture when I meditate. It’s as if my focusing mechanism works when I’m fully present- and not before! And although my sight might not be fully up and running, my heart can still feel the intense love of my guides and guardians. It’s in that love that I relax, only to focus more, then relax, then focus.

I’m trying to make changes to my life that will enable me to be more prosperous so that I have the freedom to enjoy more time with the grandkids and travel. In that state of actively creating change, I notice that my focus seems to pulsate in and out, much like it does in my meditation practice. But unlike my meditation practice with it’s cool patterns and messages, my change state doesn’t always leave me feeling warm and fuzzy.

Why is that? Why don’t I feel loved and supported when I’m trying to create a strategy for the future?

When I reach outside of myself using my fear as fuel for change, I have nothing but that fear. So what I do is bring myself back, just like I do in meditation. I can think and plan and dream and desire but then I come back, and take a breath, and know that it’s in the present moment that I create. It’s in the present moment that I realize that I don’t need to think a whole lot about the future because it’s in the warm texture of love in the present moment that I want to live.